Little moments of calm – sewing project for Dover mini-charm pack

Its lovely to see new collections breeze into the shop, and Dover by Brenda Riddle for Moda, felt like a breath of fresh air, it’s calming, comforting colours, and sprinkling of sweet flowers.

It really got me thinking of relaxing sewing projects, those which you can just kick back your heels, ones where most of the preparation is already done, meaning you can spend time making the most of the lovely colours and patterns.

One which can be made together with someone who might not have sewn before.

And which doesn’t require lots of materials, just a mini-charm pack, a selection of precut 2 1/2″ squares and a Fat Quarter of lightweight interfacing.

This lovely little panel really is a team effort, Dad (who loves a good jigsaw) positioned the patches on the fusible interfacing, making the most of the lovely colours and patterns….

Patches positioned ready to fuse to interfacing, and sew

Once the patches have been fused to the interfacing I sew them together. It’s a lovely project to make together, Dad really enjoyed making the first patchwork block. So much so, he was soon ready to position the next lot of patches to make a 2nd panel, and a 3rd…..

These ones mix Dover and Flour Garden mini-charm packs, the colours are so pretty together.

I can see there’s more still to follow, I think Ethel, my little sewing machine is going to be very busy 🙂

For this mini-charm project you’ll need:

Notions: Tissue paper (to protect iron when pressing); Iron; Sewing machine; Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter

To make the patchwork panel, using fusible Interface technique….

  1. Print out the Positioning grid sheets
  2. Trim and tape together, matching the guidelines to form a grid of 6 x 7 squares.

3. Place the Paper Grid on top of the ironing mat or folded cotton wadding.

Next, place the iron on interfacing on top of the paper grid , so the rough side is up. (This is really important, so the cotton squares fuse to the rough fusible side).

4. Use tape to secure the corners of the interfacing to the paper grid to prevent the interfacing moving.

5. Place each mini charm square, right side up on the interfacing, so it fits neatly inside a square on the grid.

Once you’ve placed your squares in the order you like, check the edges of the squares touch the black border all around. This helps when it comes to sewing the seams...

Carefully lay tissue paper on top, so not to disturb squares. (This is really important as it protects the hot iron, preventing any exposed interfacing fusing to the iron plate.)

6. Using a hot iron (no steam), press holding the iron for a few seconds, just long enough to fuse the squares to interfacing.

Mini-charm squares fused to interfacing ready to sew

Now you’re panel is ready to sew.

7. Fold 1st vertical row over, so right sides of fabrics are together. Sew using 1/4″ seam allowance.

Continue across the panel, sewing each vertical seam in turn.

Seams and Interfacing on the back of patchwork grid

8. Trim a tiny amount of interfacing off each seam, to open the seam out and press seams flat.

9. Next, fold 1st horizontal row over, so right sides of fabric are together. Again, sew using 1/4″ seam allowance. Continue down the panel sewing each horizontal seam in turn.

10 Trim a tiny amount of interfacing off each seam, open the seam out and press seams flat.

Now your panel is complete 🙂

Made from 1 Dover Mini-charm pack

The panel could be used either as the front of a pillow, hot water bottle cover, or outer for a pouch or tote. Having the interface backing makes it a little more hard-wearing too. Perhaps it may even be the first block in the next quilt 🙂

Dover is designed by a favourite of Honeybee Cloths – Brenda Riddle for Moda Fabrics – United Notions, Brenda’s collection is inspired by the White Cliffs of Dover, which have long been a symbol of homecoming, hope and freedom. Precuts and yardage available in Honeybee Cloths

We hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend, and lovely little moments of calm.

Dawn xx

Introducing our new site, and a little something especially for you xx

Our lovely shiny new site is now up and running, we hope you’ll feel at home in the new hive,
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The site is packed full of pretty sewing supplies to browse, including the soft, calming Dover collection by Brenda Riddle, and vibrant Balboa yardage which we received in store just a couple of days ago.

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Have a lovely weekend, stay safe, and happy sewing

From our little hive to yours xx


Honeybee Cloths

Hello, it’s lovely to be here again…

I hope you’re OK? So much has happened these past 12 months, it’s been such a year hasn’t it!

In terms of other things, in January 2020 I realised our website – Honeybee Cloths needed an update, I begun in quiet moments building a new site, while caring for Mum through her chemotherapy and the UK lockdowns. The new site which launches in a couple of days was completed in September 2020, just a few weeks before my Mum – Carol, who’d been receiving treatment for cancer and Lymphoma passed away.

For a short while our shop temporarily closed, and the new site was put on hold. Re-opening though is just how Mum would want it – Mum loved seeing the beautiful things customers made from our supplies, and hearing the stories behind them

Constantly encouraging, Carol was thrilled when I set Honeybee Cloths up in 2011, knowing it was a long-held dream of mine being made true. The sturdy table we cut yardage on, is the same one Mum gifted me then. 

The new site, which is set to be launched in the next couple of days is dedicated to my lovely kind Mum – Carol who will forever be my inspiration, and to Nana who helped me sew my first stitches so many years ago.

My Mum and dearest friend Carol cuddling Pippi and Ellie-cat a few years ago Xx

Quilt and Shine Block 14 – Twinkle

Do you find inspiration sometimes happens when you’re least expecting it? Like when ironing or washing up – yes me also 🙂 …. Doing the washing up, the other lunchtime I noticed this lovely, kind of twinkly motif, on one of Mum’s Pyrex serving dishes – a wedding present from the early 1960’s.

Mid century modern casserole dish

It really got me thinking of picking up needle and thread again, now that Mum’s condition is improving and chemotherapy is going smoothly. 

Over the past few months I’ve been following the lovely Quilt and Shine quilt-along over on Michelle’s CreativeBlonde blog and Instagram – it’s been really lovely seeing blocks being made.  I’m ever so behind schedule though, making both Michelle’s blocks and the Bonus blocks I promised for the quilt-along – so this little motif seemed a good place to begin again.

Mid century modern twinkle - close up.jpg

The little motif can be made either by hand (Freezer paper applique), shown above or machine (Fusible machine applique), which gives a lovely quick and easy finish.

Use together with the corners settings for either the 8 triangle corner setting (shown left), that Michelle’s using in her beautiful quilt, over on CreativeBlonde blog. Or the “Low cal” 4 triangle corner version (shown right).

Mid _c mod twinkle           Midcentury modern twinkle - block 14

Download free Tutorial and template for Block 14

I hope you enjoy making it too, do feel free to make it your own and include your own little touches. 

From our little hive to yours, have a lovely weekend and happy sewing xx


Honeybee Cloths

Midcentury modern twinkle - block 14

Hello, it’s lovely to be here again….

We very much hope you are safe and well. I am sorry I’ve not been round very much recently on the blog, things have moved so fast these past few months. In March, as the UK entered lockdown, Mum noticed symptoms of cancer returning, and became very poorly. Just as 5 years ago, I went to stay and care for Mum in her own home.  

While I’ve not been doing much sewing recently, I’ve been revisiting an ever growing pile of UFOs. The saying on this little applique block seems to ring so true right now.  Made in January 2016, it’s available as a free download from Honeybee Cloths here.


Our little hive (the shop) has been in very good hands, while I’ve been caring for Mum. Andrew’s been packing and sending pre-cut orders, and unpacking lots of lovely sewing supplies, new to our shop….

Honeybee Cloths shop

Four months on and thankfully Mum is responding well to chemo, her 5th session is next Tuesday. The symptoms have eased, and side effects of chemo are under control. We are so very grateful the tests (CT scan and 2 biospies) went ahead, and treatment begun – we really are counting our blessings and holding onto positives.

The photo below is from four years ago, a few months after Mum’s chemotherapy in 2015 – Mum, Dad and myself visiting the daffodils in Newent woods. 

Spring 2016

We are so looking forward to sharing lots more forthcoming fabric releases, coming soon to Honeybee Cloths. Plus a new free quilt block pattern, coming soon So please be sure to pop back soon, we are so looking forward to having you along.

From our little hive to yours, take care, keep well and happy sewing,

Dawn x X

Honeybee Cloths